About us

We never sat down and discussed what we should do. To this day, I don't think we ever conciously decided to make the music we make. And I guess, all in all, we were just in to make some noise.

I can only talk from my own point of view of course, so I'll try to gather my memories and all the  informations I could get from my fellow bandmates to tell you about the not-so-far-gone year of 2011. That year Clément and Thomas started playing together, and from what I learned, that project came from the disbanding of Thomas' previous project. I myself was somewhere else, doing other things with other people. I can only be that open about my private life, sorry. They started playing, Clément on guitar, Thomas on bass, and another Ben on drums actually, but only for a short while. After Ben left to focus on his own band, Johnny Gin, Clément took the drums and the project became a bass/drums duo.

That was until I came back around...

Clément asked me to join the project as soon as I settled back in our old town. He got back on guitar and the trio was formed in Limoges around March 2011. We started by improvising a lot, trying to get a better view of what we could do together. It's around that time we understood we didn't really want a singer. The three of us already listened to a lot of instrumental bands such as Russian Circles, Mogwai, Pelican or Microfilm, and it was clearly an interesting path to take. Plus, that way, we could go on improvising as much as we wanted. Our idea was to take our private improvs to an audience, not compose any track as such, and see what would hapen. That was done in June of that year, at La Fourmi, to a small audience. The gig went well, but it wasn't recorded, and we felt uncertain of the quality of our set, since we had no way of knowing how the music really sounded.

Another step was taken when we decided to compose real tracks following that first live experience. From then on we started to make the music we're still making. In 2012 we recorded our first demo with the help of Raphael, our sound engineer (by the way, Clément, Raphael and I are brothers - keep that in mind when you see Thomas losing his mind a few years from now for being constantly around us three). A few gigs, musical encounters and hours of rehearsals later, we are now about to release (or releasing, or have released, depending on when you are reading this...) our first eponymous album. 

We really hope you enjoy it and come see us on stage very soon !

Oh, and as long as I am here I should as well answer the question you've been asking yourself since entering our website : Why did you put everything in English when you are French ? Well... because we wanted to ! Seriously we have friends abroad who don't speak the first word of french and we really want to play abroad in the upcomming years. And what about putting the site in both languages ? Well, we'll probably do it whenever we get the time ! Guess you can hate us for that. As long as it's not for our music, we can still be friends.

Ben, February 2013